Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Not a Good Day to be a Black Dog

It was hot out today when Dave and I took our last walk. "It's not a good day to be a black dog," is what Dave says when it's sunny like it is today. I guess he's right. We got to the park today and a couple of my buddies were there. I started to run around in the park with them and, boy, did I get hot. Unbelieveable. We stopped for water at the drinking fountain but that only helped a little.

Of course, on the way home, we had to walk up this mountain where we live. I don't understand. I yell at him to carry me, but he just says something about me not being an old dog and that I weigh too much. Sure. Most of the time he calls me his "little black girl" except when I'm tired and want him to carry me. Then 60 pounds is too much for him. Sheesh!

Well, I better go rest up. I know he'll want to go for another walk later. At least he waits until the sun goes down to take me out a second time. Later!


Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Sharing a Computer

Sheesh! Dave's been so busy lately. He's been on the computer constantly so I haven't had a chance to blog. Not that I've had a lot on my mind to share. Hey, I'm a black lab afterall. We're the canine equivalent to human blondes. Not alot has been going on here. Just my typical sleep, eat, go for walks, sleep some more.

A friend named Paul has been staying with us for a few days. He's a really nice guy and likes to snuggle with me. That's a plus in my book any day. Dave really seems to like having him around too. I like it when dave's happy.

Well Dave wants the computer back, so I'll go take another nap.


Tuesday, August 22, 2006

My Tribute to RIF (Reading Is Fundamental)

I've just added a new list to my sidebar called "Bite into These." It's a list of books that I've personally picked from Dave's bookshelves to rip into. I can devour a book in a really short time. Dave even tells everyone that I'm smart.

When the US invaded Iraq I chewed on Colin Powell's autobiography to learn more. A few days after we moved into our current apartment, I was digging into one of Dave's textbooks on resistance to change. He seemed a bit upset when he found it on the living room floor, but I thought it was an appropriate choice for the moment.

He seemed a bit wigged out when he came home for lunch one day, having not let me take my morning walk that morning, to find a book entitled "How to be Good to Your Dog" on the living room floor. Funny, he hasn't forgotten to take me out since then.


Friday, August 18, 2006

One Ball and So Many People

A few weeks ago, Dave and I were walk to nearby Dolores Park. It was wierd everyone I could see was walking in the same direction and most of them real fast. "There must be something going on at the park," Dave said to me.

I tried to pretend I didn't know him.

Shortly after we got to the park, while I was giving Dave a reason to use that plastic bag he brought with him, a thunderous roar came from the other side of the park. It nearly scared the poop out of me.

When we got to the other side of the hill Dave took this picture while I talked to the people about what was going on and the fact that Dave never feeds me.

dolores park crowd
It had something to do with a big TV screen the all were watching. there were some guys in shorts kicking around a ball. Of course that drew my attention. I like balls. Especially tennis balls. I'll have to tell you about my square tennis ball sometime.


Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Toys 2.0

Here's a picture of my "squeak-squeak." It is my favorite toy. Why? Because it's so advanced. You might even say that it belongs to a whole new class of toys - Toys 2.0 if you will.

It's round like a ball, but it squeaks better than any other squeak toy I've had before (and believe me, I've gone through a few in my almost 5 years!) It's dura..., dura.... ohhh, it last a long time. Eight months for this one. Dave says it's because the ball is made of mesh and I can't chew through it.

Well that's not true. I finally tore apart my yellow squeak-squeak. I just love pulling all the stuffing out and scattering it to the four winds. Dave doesn't see the art in it. Finally I knew I'd finally have that squeaker. But, but, but...... there was another rubber ball inside! Drat!

Of course I play with my squeak-squeak by myself. Pouncing on it when it's not suspecting or just rolling it around and biting it to make it squeak. I also let Dave and his friends throw it. They're so lazy that they won't even attempt to go pick it up, so i end up running around bringing it back to them. What do they do? Yup. Throw it again. Sheesh!

I also use it when Dave's been working to hard and I need to get his attention. I have a number of tactics that I'll share with you another time, but my nuclear strike tactic is to find squeak-squeak and walk around his office and the living room making it squeak. That almost always works within minutes.

Oh, I need to go for a walk. So let me go so I can work on getting Dave to come with me. He can use the exercise. Later.


Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Welcome to Divanet!

With the help of my owner Dave (he's the guy over there in the picture - isn't he cute!), I'll chronicle the life of one dog in the city. We live in the Castro District of San Francisco not too far from a great park when I can hang out with other dogs and run and play.

Oh, I almost forgot, I'm a black lab named Diva. I was born in Massachusetts. I have 12 brothers and sisters. I'm going to be five years old in October. That's my picture over there in the sidebar. Sometimes I get a bit worried about Dave. Look at me! He cut me up into four pieces. Yipe!

Don't get me wrong, he takes good care of me. Feeds me and walks with me to the park. (I could go by myself, but he really does need the exercise.) I've learned to walk by myself without a leash and I sit at ever intersection until Dave tells me it's ok to cross. I know it sounds dependent, but if you were only 2 feet tall I bet you wouldn't be able to see over the parked cars to see oncoming traffic either.We

Well, it's time for a nap so I'll sign out for now, but I'll be back soon.